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A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century

Nigel Brown

The Twentieth Century has been one of the most dramatic and transformative periods of history – both for the world, and for the British Royal Family.

A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century is a four-part documentary series charting the evolution of The Queen and Her family during a reign that is remarkable for having modernised the role of the Monarchy in British society amid the Second World War, the fall of the Empire, and the whirlwind rise of popular media.

Covering Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne, all way through to the tabloid fervour of the nineties and, finally, the new generation of Royals coming of age, The Royal Tour of the Twentieth century is the perfect series to while away the hours at home with your favourite famous family.

A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 40s and 50s

The early Royal Tours capture the celebration and optimism of a post-war world, but there is tragedy in store as the young Princess Elizabeth hears the news of Her father’s death while celebrating Her marriage in Kenya. Gain insight into a life thrown into turmoil by the sudden burden of huge responsibility, and the start of the story of one of the world’s most renowned, longest-reigning monarchs. Click here to watch now.

A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 60s and 70s

Political and social upheaval throughout the 60’s and 70’s was to change the role of the Windsors’ relationship with the Commonwealth as former colonies moved to independence during often turbulent times. This dynamic was to be crucial in Queen Elizabeth II being seen as a progressive, modernising force in the Monarchy. Click here to watch now.

A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 80s and 90s

With increasing media attention and the emergence of the paparazzi, a new generation of Royals came to the forefront of popular culture; most notably Charles and Diana. As the Commonwealth diminished the Royal family faced personal breakdowns and tragedies when their private life became profitable cannon fodder for the tabloids, their relationships dissected on front pages across the country. Click here to watch now.

A Royal Tour of the Twentieth Century: 1990 – 2000 and beyond

During the final decade of the 20th century the next generation of the Royal Family moved to the forefront as The Queen retired from touring. Throughout a century of both great loss and celebration the legacy of the Windsors continues to stand the test of time, as a new generation captures the country’s imagination and earns their respect. Click here to watch now.

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