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What To Watch on True Royalty TV: Royal Inquest


With so many great documentaries on True Royalty TV, we thought we’d take the pain out of choosing and pick a few goodies for you. From new releases to True Royalty exclusives to existing classics, here is what to watch this weekend.

The Royal Inquest Series
The Royal Inquest series looks at some of the most dramatic and mysterious events in the history of Royal Families, investigating what really happened behind the noise of public outrage.

Lord Louis Mountbatten was Prince Philip’s uncle, the Queen’s cousin and one of the most prominent, influential members of Britain’s Royal Family. A renowned hero and respected mentor of the young Prince Charles, the Royals were shaken to the core when he was killed in a mysterious explosion aboard his boat in Ireland. Britain was outraged, and collectively demanded the identification and punishment of those responsible. Delve into our investigation of who murdered Mountbatten here.

Palace TimebombBox cover image of Royal Inquest episode Palace Timebomb
The saga of Princess Diana was fraught with controversy, betrayal and spurious accusations, but when Diana’s most trusted servant – butler Paul Burrell – was arrested for stealing over 350 items from her estate, the British public became transfixed by his dramatic trial. Referred to by Diana as her “rock”, did Burrell exploit his position to become an opportunistic thief? Or has he been made a scapegoat for a crime he didn’t commit – to preserve the integrity of the Royal Family? Find out here.

Royal BloodbathBox cover image of Royal Inquest episode Royal Bloodbath
The Nepalese King is thought of as a God – but when a shocking massacre at a Royal Family banquet kills the King, Queen, and several other family members, the Nepalese Royals are revealed to be all-too-human. The official account states that the Crown Prince murdered his family, and then killed himself… but the Nepalese people suspect they’re not being told the whole story. Find out what they might be missing here

Princely TraffickingBox cover image of Royal Inquest episode Princely Traffiking
The Princes of the Saudi Royal Family are some of the richest and most powerful Royals in the world, and are widely considered to be beyond the reach of the law in Saudi Arabia. When suspicion arose that a Saudi Prince may be involved in international drug smuggling to the tune of 2 tonnes of cocaine, DEA agents discovered that the Saudi Royal family’s web of power extends far beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia. Find out just how far their influence reaches here

Grace Under FireBox cover image of Royal Inquest episode Grace Under Fire
Princess Diana’s spiritual predecessor Princess Grace of Monaco – along with Grace’s daughter Princess Stephanie – suffered a tragic car crash on the French Riviera, and broke the hearts of admirers across the world. Grief gave way to intrigue, however, when the Palace claimed that Princess Grace only suffered broken bones, only for the former Hollywood starlet to die suddenly a day later. Does the strange turn of events belie a Palace cover-up? Find out here

The King Who KilledBox cover image of Royal Inquest episode, The King Who Killed
King Juan Carlos of Spain was one of the world’s best-loved Kings – right up to his abdication in 2004 – yet few are aware of the shocking tragedy that haunts his youth. When Juan Carlos was just 15, his younger brother, Alfonso, died of a gunshot wound to the head in the family home. The Palace announced the boy’s death as accidental, but a question mark hangs over the true circumstances of his passing, with newspapers claiming that Juan Carlos had wielded the gun that shot Alfonso. Find out if King Juan Carlos is a killer – and why some believe the death was no accident – here


A Hunted RoyalBox cover image of Royal Inquest Episode, A Hunted Royal
When a mentally unstable stalker attempted to kidnap Princess Anne from her maroon-coloured Rolls Royce as it travelled towards Buckingham Palace, the nation was scandalised that a lone gunman had managed to get so close to a member of the Royal Family. Find out why and how Anne was very nearly successfully kidnapped – and how several of her staff were shot in the process – here

Remains of the RomanovsBox cover image of Royal Inquest episode, Remains of the Romanovs
The Romanovs – the Russian Royal Family – were executed by the Soviets in 1918, but a shroud of mystery lingers around the assassinations. Although the Soviets insisted that the entire family was wiped out, theories abound that one or more of the Russian Royal Family was able to escape. Find out what a team of forensic anthropologists and DNA experts discovered about the mysterious murders here.

Previous weeks’ picks:

Royal Babies
The world loves nothing more than a bouncing Royal baby, but what is it like to be born into the most famous and closely-watched family in the world? We examine how the British Royal Family’s attitude towards child-rearing has developed over the course of history, and give an idea of the upbringing that awaits the most recent addition to the House of Windsor: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Find out what’s in store for Baby Archie here

Secrets of the Royal Nursery
A Royal baby is the monarchy’s most closely-guarded jewel, so what exactly is it that goes on behind the doors of the Royal Nursery? How are nannies selected, and what is life like under their rule? Join us here as we take a peek behind the scenes of the nurseries of the toddlers who are set to become the future kings and queens of England.

Britain’s Poshest Nannies
Highly trained nannies from Norland College nanny school have been raising Royals for generations, and today’s batch of young princes and princesses are no exception – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have hired a Norland nanny to look after George, Charlotte and Louis. Find out the secrets of the brown-coated, Mary Poppins-style nannies – and why they’re banned from Starbucks – here

William, Kate and the Royal Baby
Everyone remembers the intense media interest that surrounded the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son Prince George – their first child and the future King of England. Born in the same hospital in which William was delivered 31 years earlier, Baby George opened a new chapter in one of the world’s oldest continuous monarchies – and began the Royal Baby mania that would continue right through to the birth of his cousin Archie. Find out about the first in a new generation of Royals here

Meghan and Harry: The Baby Years
Archie is the baby that had the world on tenterhooks – but now he is here, how are Meghan and Harry going to raise the first ever American Royal? Sunday Times Royal correspondent Roya Nikkah presents this exclusive documentary for True Royalty, looking at what the future holds for Archie’s childhood and how his forward-thinking parents might be planning to raise him. Find out about the all-important first days of Baby Sussex’s life here.


Previous weeks’ picks:


The Meghan Trilogy

Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess

Your clothes say something about you, and that’s never more true than when you’re a Royal. In this documentary, we look at the style choices of the Duchess of Sussex, examining the significance of a wide range of her style choices – from her wedding dress right through to her elegant everyday designer outfits. What does Meghan’s sense of fashion tell us about the kind of Royal she will be, and how she is shaping the role of a modern Princess? Step inside Meghan Markle’s wardrobe here.



Meghan Markle: Inside the Home of a Princess

True Royalty TV’s exclusive documentary takes a peek at Frogmore Cottage, the new home of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex’s. After a £3m renovation, the expectation is that the happy couple have incorporated the shabby chic style of their favourite Soho House haunt into their new home – a prime example of their ability to combine the Royal Family’s history and tradition with their own modern way of doing things. Take a look at how Frogmore compares to other grace and favour homes over the years here.


Meghan and Harry: The Baby Years

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is the baby that had the world on tenterhooks – but now he is here, how are Meghan and Harry going to raise the first ever American Royal? Sunday Times Royal correspondent Roya Nikkah presents this exclusive documentary for True Royalty, looking at what the future holds for Archie’s childhood and how his forward-thinking parents might be planning to raise him. Dive into Baby Sussex’s baby years here

The Royal View

True Royalty’s exclusive and original roundtable discussion programme features Royal Family experts trading insights and strongly-held views in a series of debates focused on the most dramatic and controversial issues the monarchy has ever faced. Hosted by Tim Vincent, The Royal View gets deep into the subjects that have shaped the Royals throughout modern history. 

Blood on their Hands

The press have always been hot on the heels of the Royal family, often more of a thorn in their side than a cheerleader for the monarchy. Hardened newspaper editor Kelvin Mackenzie adamantly defends his industry, while the colourful Lady Colin Campbell expresses some forthright views on Diana’s relationship with the press here.


Royals on the Rocks

A relationship within the Royal Family is under a huge amount of pressure; from the press, Royal duties and the expectation to uphold tradition. All too often it falls apart, and former tabloid news editor Neil Wallis and Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell provide some searing insight into what happens when a Royal marriage crumbles. Watch here.


In-Laws and Outlaws

The debate gets heated in this discussion on the inability to choose your family members being a particular difficulty when you are a Royal. From Edward VIII choosing love over duty to the travesty of in-laws selling stories to the press, those who marry into the Royal family come under the microscope here.


Sex, Lies and Scandal

When it comes to the Royal Family and the press, scandal spreads like wildfire – particularly when the Royals are seen as trying to silence a story. A panel including friend-of-the-Royals Gyles Brandreth look at what happens when the usually tightly-sealed lid comes off and Royal secrets spill into the public arena. Find out about the most explosive scandals here.


The Palace Puppet Masters

The Royal View’s firebrands Kelvin Mackenzie and Lady Colin Campbell return to train their eagle eyes on those who pull the strings behind the scenes of the monarchy – those unseen forces who influence the press and the public to maintain a favourable impression of the Royals. Find out what they wouldn’t want you to know here.


Previous weeks’ picks:

King Charles and Queen Camilla: Into the Unknown

As England’s heir apparent gets ever closer to the throne, this documentary turns the spotlight on the future King’s relationship with his future Queen. What began as a controversial love affair predating Charles’ marriage to Diana has stood the test of time to become a rock solid union at the heart of the Royal Family. But has the British public overcome its initial resistance to the woman who seems increasingly likely to become Queen? Find out here.

Meghan and Harry: The First 100 Days

In this exclusive look at the most dynamic couple of the Royal Family, True Royalty explores the lives of newlyweds Meghan and Harry in the first hundred days since they got married in May. We get the inside scoop from our palace sources, speak to historians about the couple’s potential modernising influence on the Royals, and talk to leading figures from fashion and show business about the happy couple’s private and public lives. Find out what the future has in store for the golden couple here.

The Royal View: Royals on the Rocks

We discuss the touchy subject of what happens when a Royal marriage ends up on the rocks, in an exclusive and original talk show produced by True Royalty. With expert insight from the likes of Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell and former tabloid newspaper editor Neil Wallis, we get the lowdown on everything from the Royal crisis precipitated by Charles and Diana’s divorce, to the good-time, headline grabbing antics of Princess Margaret. Watch the fiery debate here.

Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess

When you’re a Royal, your fashion choices make a statement. We turn our lens on the style choices of the newest (adult) member of the Royal family, examining the significance of her wedding dress right through to her day-to-day designer outfits. What do Meghan’s clothes tell us about the kind of Royal she will be, and how she will shape the role of a modern Princess? Step inside the Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe here.

The King Who Threw Away the Crown

Few relationships in the history of the British Royal Family have rocked the institution in the same way as Edward VIII and his marriage to two-time American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Forced to choose between love and duty, the short-lived King followed his heart and brought about a constitutional crisis that shook the Royals to their very core. Dive into the most dramatic romance in Royal history here.

Previous weeks’ picks:

The Queen’s Coronation in Colour

Brand new on True Royalty TV, this documentary looks at The Queen’s coronation which took place on 2 June 1953 and, in many ways, can be considered the world’s first major television event. 66 years on you can watch it in colour! Royal insiders who were at the centre of this momentous occasion reveal what happened behind the scenes, including the Queen’s cousin HRH Prince Michael of Kent and her Maids of Honour. Click here to watch now.

Queen Elizabeth II: Reign Supreme

Another new release on True Royalty, Queen Elizabeth II: Reign Supreme looks at Her Majesty’s incredible journey through the decades. Throughout her reign, she has been the United Kingdom’s symbol of continuity and stability. Her many visits to nations around the world have won her the unwavering respect of her subjects and peers. Learn about her extraordinary reign by clicking here.

Elizabeth II: The Diplomat Queen

The Queen has met a total of 12 US presidents in her lifetime not to mention the 100s of Heads of States from across the world. It could be argued Her Majesty is the most experienced diplomat in the world. Discover her secrets here.

Meghan Markle: Inside the Home of a Princess

Exclusive to True Royalty TV, Meghan Markle: Inside the Home of a Princess examines what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new home, Frogmore Cottage, looks like after a £30 million refurb. The show also looks at the other gorgeous homes Her Majesty has given to her family over the years and how they compare to Meghan’s new home. Click here to watch.

The Royal View: Blood on their Hands

Another exclusive, this episode of our talk show, The Royal View, looks at the part the press plays in the lives of the Royals? Do they make life a misery or does the Crown need the Press more than they might care to admit? Expect heated debate from those in the Royal know.


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