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What To Watch on True Royalty TV


With so many great documentaries on True Royalty TV, we thought we’d take the pain out of choosing and pick five goodies for you. From new releases to True Royalty exclusives to existing classics, here is what to watch this weekend.

King Charles and Queen Camilla: Into the Unknown

As England’s heir apparent gets ever closer to the throne, this documentary turns the spotlight on the future King’s relationship with his future Queen. What began as a controversial love affair predating Charles’ marriage to Diana has stood the test of time to become a rock solid union at the heart of the Royal Family. But has the British public overcome its initial resistance to the woman who seems increasingly likely to become Queen? Find out here.

Meghan and Harry: The First 100 Days

In this exclusive look at the most dynamic couple of the Royal Family, True Royalty explores the lives of newlyweds Meghan and Harry in the first hundred days since they got married in May. We get the inside scoop from our palace sources, speak to historians about the couple’s potential modernising influence on the Royals, and talk to leading figures from fashion and show business about the happy couple’s private and public lives. Find out what the future has in store for the golden couple here.

The Royal View: Royals on the Rocks

We discuss the touchy subject of what happens when a Royal marriage ends up on the rocks, in an exclusive and original talk show produced by True Royalty. With expert insight from the likes of Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell and former tabloid newspaper editor Neil Wallis, we get the lowdown on everything from the Royal crisis precipitated by Charles and Diana’s divorce, to the good-time, headline grabbing antics of Princess Margaret. Watch the fiery debate here.

Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess

When you’re a Royal, your fashion choices make a statement. We turn our lens on the style choices of the newest (adult) member of the Royal family, examining the significance of her wedding dress right through to her day-to-day designer outfits. What do Meghan’s clothes tell us about the kind of Royal she will be, and how she will shape the role of a modern Princess? Step inside the Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe here.

The King Who Threw Away the Crown

Few relationships in the history of the British Royal Family have rocked the institution in the same way as Edward VIII and his marriage to two-time American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Forced to choose between love and duty, the short-lived King followed his heart and brought about a constitutional crisis that shook the Royals to their very core. Dive into the most dramatic romance in Royal history here.

Previous weeks’ picks:

The Queen’s Coronation in Colour

Brand new on True Royalty TV, this documentary looks at The Queen’s coronation which took place on 2 June 1953 and, in many ways, can be considered the world’s first major television event. 66 years on you can watch it in colour! Royal insiders who were at the centre of this momentous occasion reveal what happened behind the scenes, including the Queen’s cousin HRH Prince Michael of Kent and her Maids of Honour. Click here to watch now.

Queen Elizabeth II: Reign Supreme

Another new release on True Royalty, Queen Elizabeth II: Reign Supreme looks at Her Majesty’s incredible journey through the decades. Throughout her reign, she has been the United Kingdom’s symbol of continuity and stability. Her many visits to nations around the world have won her the unwavering respect of her subjects and peers. Learn about her extraordinary reign by clicking here.

Elizabeth II: The Diplomat Queen

The Queen has met a total of 12 US presidents in her lifetime not to mention the 100s of Heads of States from across the world. It could be argued Her Majesty is the most experienced diplomat in the world. Discover her secrets here.

Meghan Markle: Inside the Home of a Princess

Exclusive to True Royalty TV, Meghan Markle: Inside the Home of a Princess examines what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new home, Frogmore Cottage, looks like after a £30 million refurb. The show also looks at the other gorgeous homes Her Majesty has given to her family over the years and how they compare to Meghan’s new home. Click here to watch.

The Royal View: Blood on their Hands

Another exclusive, this episode of our talk show, The Royal View, looks at the part the press plays in the lives of the Royals? Do they make life a misery or does the Crown need the Press more than they might care to admit? Expect heated debate from those in the Royal know.


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