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“Royal babies are only private in the womb.”


As Meghan baby fever begins to build, we are handpicking our favourite shows on True Royalty TV about growing up a Royal – this time we take a look at the future child’s cousin in William, Kate and the Royal Baby.

A Royal Governess of Queen Elizabeth II once said “Royal babies are only private in the womb.” Today, however, this could be considered an understatement.

William, Kate and the Royal Baby follows the public and paparazzi’s gaze from the announcement of Kate’s pregnancy right up to the day Prince George was born. For the duration of those 9 months the public and press speculated about everything from the sex of the child to the date of  birth, accompanied by regular daily updates on the state of the baby bump.

“The Palace have tried their best to give Kate the back-up Diana never had.”

This documentary reveals the extent of the Royal baby fever that exploded around the imminent arrival of Prince George – showing a febrile public gathered in their thousands outside St Mary’s Hospital on 22nd July 2013, waving signs of support for mother and baby during the final stages.

But this public pressure, however well meant, can be dangerous if mother and baby aren’t given the right support.

“The Palace have tried their best to give Kate the back up Diana never had,” says Ingrid Seward, author and editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. The Palace’s concern was well-founded, as Diana’s lack of support led her to throwing herself down the stairs at Sandringham because she was made to feel, in her own words, ‘so inadequate.’

Royal historian Kate Williams points out that Prince Charles and Princess Camilla went above and beyond the call of duty by visiting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in hospital – an unprecedented step for the Royals.

“The Royal Family are terrified of another tragedy like Diana,” said Kate Williams. “They are doing everything they can to look after Kate and stop the glare of public attention ruining her life.”

While the birth of Prince George was especially significant, witnessing as we were the arrival of a future monarch, Royal mania surrounding the imminent arrival of Meghan’s baby is no less frantic. Here’s to the big day!

You can catch the whole of William, Kate and the Royal Baby on True Royalty TV by clicking here.


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