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Give the Gift of True Royalty this Christmas


Not sure what to give your friends and family this Christmas? Why not give them a taste of the regal life? We’ve now launched a gifting service so you can give them the gift of Royalty with an annual subscription to True Royalty TV for only £49.99 ($59.99 USD). And, to make it that little bit more special we will send a physical invite, beautifully designed complete with a wax seal, at no extra charge.

Described by the press as the Netflix for Royal content, our on-demand video service has 100s of programmes that bring you the context, the backstory and the truth about the Royal Family.

Our CEO, Gregor Angus, says: “The amount of times people have said to me they knew just the person who would love True Royalty was hard to ignore. Now those who know someone who loves the Royal Family can give them the gift of True Royalty TV, whether that’s for Christmas, a birthday or simply if they’re feeling generous!”

While there is a focus on the British Royal Family, there are also many programmes on Royalty from around the world and through the ages. True Royalty TV is available in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and users can register up to five devices per account.

Content is continuously being updated to provide the most cutting edge, in-depth programmes into monarchies past and present. Subscribers can watch True Royalty via the website, on Apple and Android apps and via Google Chromecast, Apple TV and AirPlay.

The gift is available in the UK for £49.99; in the US for $59.99; in Canada for £79.99; in Australia for $89.99; in New Zealand for $99.99; and Eire for €59.99

To give the gift of Royalty this Christmas click here.

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