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Pick of the Week: Last Party at the Palace


In the second of our new series, Pick of the Week, where we go behind the scenes of some of our favourite royal documentaries, BAFTA-winning filmmaker and Editor-in-Chief at True Royalty, Nick Bullen, explains why you simply have to watch Last Party at the Palace.


Debutantes – young aristocratic and upper class women who had reached a marriageable age – were traditionally presented at court to mark their first Season in which they hoped to meet a husband of the same background.

The Queen saw the custom as at odds with her modern vision for Britain. After the last ball in 1958 she abolished the tradition. In many ways the Queen foresaw changing attitudes to love, sex and marriage for it was only a few years later that the sexual revolution changed the younger generation’s outlook on life forever.

Interestingly, Princess Margaret was against the tradition too but for almost the exact opposite reason after she dismissively declared ‘every tart in London was getting in.’

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