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Pick of the Week: Princess Margaret – Her Real Life Story


In the first of our new series where we go behind the scenes of some of our favourite royal documentaries, we shine a light on Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story.

BAFTA-winning filmmaker and Editor-in-Chief at True Royalty, Nick Bullen, reveals why you simply have to watch this documentary on Princess Margaret’s bohemian lifestyle. Warning, expect plenty of sex, drugs and rock n roll!

She has become the breakout star of global hit The Crown but how true to life is the series’ portrayal of the real Princess Margaret? Well, in many ways, you could argue the princess was even more outrageous. From smoking in public to showing off her film-star cleavage to partying to excess, Margaret exploded the stereotype of the demure princess. Yet conversely, she adored tradition, was incredibly pious and was ultimately unprepared to give up her titles and position for love.

Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story unflinchingly charts the rise and demise of the Queen’s sister. You decide, was Princess Margaret a royal renegade or darling of the Palace?

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